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Vintage Collection of Perfume Bottles - Chanel, Givenchy, Lanvin

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The woman who loved her perfume saved and collected her vintage designer bottles. All from one collection in a large turn of the century Westchester County NY home, the bottles are perfectly preserved pieces from a past time.

4 original glass Chanel bottles (3 large and 1 small.) A Givenchy bottle and a Lanvin Arpege bottle.

All bottles are signed and stamped. All bottles are empty. We have not attempted to remove the stoppers or lids. Minor surface wear. There is evidence of old dried perfume in their interiors which casts a yellow color.
Large Chanel bottles 3.25" H
Small Chanel bottle 2.5" H
Givenchy bottle 3.25" H 
Lanvin bottle 2" H