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Vintage Asian Ginger Jar

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Grandiose in size and covered with beautiful images, this vintage Asian ginger jar takes a striking pose in any room. Almost 2 feet in height, the jar is a dramatic finishing touch. Covered with birds and floral designs. A large gold knob tops the lid. 
We placed in center stage on a credenza between two lamps. 
There is a raised beading of white dots throughout the surface giving the jar some 3 dimensionality. Removable lid. There is red felt under the lid to prevent breakage when removing and placing the lid on the jar. 
Unmarked on the bottom. The only indication of any makers mark is in the interior. There is a stamp that read 5. 

In very good condition with minor surface wear. There are a few raised white beading marks that are missing and are mostly evident when running one's hand across the surface. 
Knob 3" H 

12.0ʺW × 12.0ʺD × 23.0ʺH