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Original Rare 1969 Mies Van Der Rohe - Folio of Architectural Drawings/Moma

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What a find. A rare original 1969 folio of Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe's architectural drawings in the Collection of the Museum of Modern Art.
Introduction and notes to the plates by Ludwig Glaeser. This is a very rare and well preserved, spiral bound collection of original plates of architectural sketches by Mies Van Der Rohe. 
Copyright 1969 The Modern Museum of Art NY, NY.
Library of Congress card number 67-30629.

This book, with it's beautiful gold metallic cover, contains Mies's sketches, charcoal drawings and montages. All photos could not be added to this listing. We included a small collection of the interior drawings. See below list. #5,6 and 25 are not present in book.
The book includes 11 pages of notes pertaining to each drawing.
As noted in the book, while the publication was in press, Mies Van Der Rohe died in his 84th year.

#2 Friedriche Strauss Building #20/21 Museum for a Small City
# 3 Glass Skyscraper #22 Row House with Court 
#4 Concrete Office Building #23 House with Three Courts
#7 Court House #24 Court House 
#8 Country House #26 Resor House
#9 Country House #27 Museum for a Small City
#10 Hillside House #29 Concert Hall
#11 House for the Architect #30 Library and Administration Building
#12/13/14/15 Gericke House . #31 Convention Hall
#16 Lange House 
#17/18/19 Hubbe House

Minor surface wear to the cover. A few small dings and scratches to it's exterior. The cover and back cover does not have fading and is well preserved. 
The interior pages are also in very good condition. Very slight yellowing to the paper. 

25ʺW × 1ʺD × 18ʺH