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Large Mid Century Painting - Woman on a Floral Chair

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Very large, moody and throwing a nod towards details in paintings by Gustav Klimt, we offer this oil on canvas painting we have titled Woman on a Floral Chair.

It calms the wall with it's muted color tones yet the details draw your eye into the background space. Modern, maybe a bit expressionism, a little bit abstract but really beautiful.

Measuring in at 39" w x 45" H, in it's original wood and gilt frame, the painting is calming with green tones and splashes of small color. The faceless woman sits and leans forward on a chair with a floral pattern behind her seat rest. It's as if a floral throw was draped behind her, making the seat even more comfortable yet drawing attention away from the human and over to the flowers.
Artist unknown.

The painting is oil on canvas. There is evidence of crazing to the painted surface and canvas. There is an old canvas repair shown on the backside where there is a slit in the painting. There are some chips of paint missing from the front. The frame has some surface wear.
Framed area is 39" wide x 45" H. The canvas is about /25 or .5" smaller in dimension.