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Hand Carved Iron Wood Eagle & Birds - Set of 3

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Beautifully hand carved set of three birds, likely pre mid century. Believed to be iron wood, the birds are each carved from a single piece of wood. An eagle, a hawk and likely two eagles.
The largest sculpture is an eagle with its wings starting to open. Detail and smooth areas are very well done. The base has an area of missing wood, likely from the original piece of wood it was carved from. There's a crack on the side and a chip in the back of the base from age. A small hairline crack and tiny chip on the bird's left wing. Minor surface wear.

The two other birds are smaller and have smooth areas and rougher areas, with minor surface wear.
Original finish. Unsigned.

Large Eagle -9 1/4" H x 2.3/4" w/base
Med Bird - 7" H x 2.5" W
Small Bird - 5" H x 2.0" W