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Collection of 12 Mid Century Portraits, Paintings

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Sometimes it the collection that is the draw. And what we love here is the ethnicity and the focus on the different characteristics and characters of both men and women. In this case, we took 12 mid century paintings created by the same artist and composed a wall collage. The colors and body language are pretty incredible. The collection tells a little story of the humans we encounter every day. Sold as a set of 12.

Artist is unknown. Paintings are not signed. All are on canvas and stretched on a wood stretchers. In very good condition with minor surface wear. We apologize for some crooked hung paintings in the photos! Just the nature of the moment. 
Each painting measures an est 12" H x 10 w x 1" thick. For sake of shipping dimensions we estimated a stacked 12 paintings in a box. 

12ʺW × 12ʺD × 12ʺH