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Our Story - Studio Lane at Reposed NY

Our Story - Studio Lane at Reposed NY

So, I was driving around in a little town near my old house in New York a few years ago. I have always been fascinated by old houses, their architecture, their history and of the names of the streets some of my favorites were built on. At the same time, I was starting to think how I could expand my vintage home decor shop and gallery called Reposed NY.

As luck would have it, the youngest of my three daughters, said "Turn left on this street." Luckily, she loves to drive around and look at houses too.

The name of the street we turned left on was Studio Lane. I recall saying to myself what an interesting name for a street - a name synonymous with decorating and art production or small apartments in larger buildings in a city. All the houses that were on this old street were built in the 1920's and 30's. It is a lovely street. The name stuck in my head as an idea.

Some of my ideas have had a history of coming back and turning into realities. First the dream of having a store when I was a kid (a plant store??!!) then the decorating business built out of my home, leading to the galleries in Stamford, CT, and ultimately to the sweet jewel of a store in the East Village of NYC called Reposed NY.

I started my own decorating company from home back in the early 2000’s after leaving a corporate career in garment and home decor production and development at companies such as DKNY and Ralph Lauren Home Collection.

My business sense, mixed with a passion for design and decorating, was ever present while deciding to stay home after my first daughter was born in the mid 90’s. There wasn't a lot of extra money in the bank and my head told me to work with what I had. A self driven house flipper, involving large and small restoration projects and renovations of 5 houses that I fixed and sold, I found myself doing a ton of "do it yourself" projects, purchasing home renovation products, and hiring/managing contractors etc.. All the while, I was curating a collection of vintage home furnishings for my home. The word got out and other people in my circles started asking for help with their own homes. Soon I started taking on clients and assisting them with re-decorating, upholstery and curating special pieces to place in their beloved spaces. All of this was easy, considering I come from parents who collected and planted the seed, one of whom gave me a Christmas present one year in the form of a cool book called American Junk.

Well, a few years later, the building that housed my store in the East Village was severely damaged and forced Reposed NY to take a hiatus from commercial brick and mortar. I decided to more strongly develop my galleries in CT, while creating my new dream of developing a wider reach to people near and far. This way, via the internet, many others could continue collecting, curating, and exploring vintage design to create a special place that they can call home, even if they didn't have a store nearby to walk into. Thanks to a lot of help from a creative and caring person very dear to me, I started to focus on this next phase a few months ago.

Studio Lane at Reposed NY, and Reposed NY, focus on vintage home decor including furniture, lighting, art and decorative objects ranging from one century to the next. Mid Century, French, American Primitives, English Country, the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s etc. co-exist and work together in a unique way of mixing up design styles. Favorite projects involve covering vintage and used upholstered pieces in fantastic new fabrics. As a member of the trade, I can find and order most artisanal, vintage and designer fabrics for clients and projects. Reposed NY, and now Studio Lane, has continued to attract private homeowners, decorators, stylists for retailers and photo shoots as well as theatrical and visual production companies.

Not all of my old things are on line at Studio Lane at Reposed NY. As time goes on, the vintage product selection will expand. I look forward to the long drives, where we think and talk, and to the hunt for more of my collections to add to Studio Lane.

If you get a chance, check out for additional photographs of the shop and gallery in the "Window Shop" section of the website.

Any questions about any of our vintage products or you are in need of some help finding a specific type of home decor item, please contact me at