We bought a new "OLD" House - Welcome!! Disaster to Decorator.com

Taking the plunge into house renovation is not a hard thing for me to do. I love it. I am a preservationist on some level. I love the old stories that old houses speak in their own special ways.

Toni Gelia and I bought our first house together. She has owned property before in Sag Harbor, NY. I have owned 5 houses over the years in CT, Westchester County and Columbia County, NY. Either way, we both know the highs and lows of restoring and fixing up older homes. And luckily, it is something we both like to do. 

This time our house is in Dutchess County, NY, specifically near Rhinebeck, NY. She was built in 1850 and has seen the years and weathered the, ahem, weather. She has a lot of character and she has been loved, beaten up and even neglected. By neglect, I don't mean intentionally. People/owners get old. In this case, very old. And sometimes the first thing that happens is the house protects the owner, but the owner can no longer protect the house.

Our house was owned by a special family. We got to know two of the daughters through the buying process. They tried their best to keep the house for their mother in her final years. The house sat abandoned, but still lovingly "owned," for a number of years until it was time to let her go to a new owner. The owner bought this house on her own in 1962. She was ahead of her time. Three young children and newly single, she paved her way from NYC to this more rural environment. And here she stayed for over 50 years. There were a few owners before her since 1850. They all left their special "mark" on the house. 

We are starting our journey with this old house. With the help of a great name idea from an old college friend, we are calling our new website Disaster to Decorator.com. Thanks Alice!!

The website is being built and not ready to view yet but we will be adding photos and stories of this exciting process as soon as we can.

I am personally so excited. I am glad to own an old house again and already with the work we just started this past week, the house is starting to reveal her stories and speak to me.

I do believe houses have a spirit. And I know this one has nice one.