Summer Searching

It took a spin class at my beloved Soul Cycle this morning and it made me realize how fast time is "spinning" by....

The lazy days of summer are almost here. My kids are finishing up their last few weeks of school. One of my babies graduates soon and is heading to college. Reluctantly, the air is getting more humid here in the New York City area day by day. And Reposed NY, my vintage home decor shop, is gearing up for the Fall Season, behind the scenes, of course. 

I call this time of year Summer Searching. Searching for a few restful moments at the beach. Searching for a few weeks to perhaps take a much needed break. Searching for that perfect photo op.

I also search  for new "old" product in the form of chairs. It takes a lot of time to find my chair babies for the shop. And if needed, I will give them new dresses for the approaching Fall decorating season. After the beaches, summer houses, vacations and college drop offs, we go back to work (and the middle/high school/college grind,) and people start focusing back on their homes again. The approaching Brimfield September sale is soon (Reposed NY will be there.) The holidays, cozy times, earlier sunsets and chillier will be here much too soon. 

For now, the summer will enchant me and the search for my new "old chairs" will continue. I look forward to my Summer Searching.

Here are a couple of my newest old additions. They are getting ready for the next season.

See you in the Fall!!!