road trip -

Road Trip!!!!

I love road trips.

And my TG just bought an amazing classic 'Class B - Get Away van outfitted in a vintage way for road trips. Is there a better way to shop for Reposed NY and Studio Lane at Reposed NY than driving through this amazing country and literally just "seeing" what it's all about?? This is a big life bucket list check mark!

Thats right....there are a few rules in random order and we can make them up as we go:

1. Eat some "not so great for you" food (we can do that sometimes - Diners, Drive Ins and Dives is always on line for a google map detour.)

2. Not have the best night sleep, like in a NYC cozy, antique French bed (the little RV has it's own American RV version of that and I may need to decorate it.) 

3. Maybe some amazing and not so amazing weather (this past winter has been an exploration of our nerves and patience, but landscapes are beautiful in any form.)

4. Laugh a lot 

5. Pull out the camera and document it all (because what you see at that moment will never look and be experienced the same again.)

6. Not plan a lot of exercise except for a spontaneous hike or trail (or the dragging of some chairs and furniture into the van.)

7. Relax 

I look forward to time well spent - Seeing the Oregon, California, and middle American drive on an open road. Staring out of the front and side windows of a classic 1987 red van with all original, vintage interior fittings, with someone special. 

I feel like an escapist. A kid again.

And maybe, just maybe, there is nothing wrong at 51 years old to take a week or more of your life and just go and be free. No time like the present!

I think I might just pick up a few Reposed NY vintage, American goodies along the way.