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Reposed NY - Current Simple Obsessions

Little simple visual and physical tidbits of daily life, that grow into larger obsessions, cross my path every single day.

It has lead to my vintage business, my photography, and my hobbies - My Day to Day Life.

Photos by Lisa Fegley-Petti

I walk and bike a lot in this amazing city where I live. It's a pact I made with myself when I moved back into the city: that I would take advantage of being outside of a car or train as much as I could while making my way to wherever the list takes me, on any given day. I take in, not only visually, but physically - the beauty, the architecture, the people, the dirt, the grime, the noise...You know what I mean. I live it. It all gets absorbed and I am aware that it comes home with me. 

I also drive to places outside this city every week. I love my car and I like to drive. This is the energy my job gives me. I get to explore little towns, new places, and talk to a lot of people from different walks of life. Much of what I see out there is a simpler way of life than we what have in this hectic place called NYC. I have found however, that no matter where people live, we are all very much the same in some certain, basic ways.

This is where my current obsessions stem from.The dichotomy of life inside and life outside. Whether it is in the city, the burbs, the farms, different coasts, or inside and outside the home. There is a simple purpose we share - and not necessarily in this order: To be happy. To be fed. To be healthy. To have a roof over our head. And to fill this life with people we care about. This is all at the starting point from where our individuality grows. Then we create passions. And all of ours look uniquely different.

Which brings me to one other thing we all share: Simply put - We like to sit in chairs. Like people, they all have their own look, their own shape, their own individuality. Chairs share a purpose. to give us a place to sit down and repose. 

Take a rest. Have a seat...Chairs happen to be my current, constant, simple obsession #1.

My career and home life have blurred edges. The things I purchase for my gallery, which are almost always things I fall in love with (example: chairs) have a habit of sometimes making their way out of the vehicle and into our house and then shacking up for a test run. I allow myself to love these things just enough that I develop a small attachment to them. I hope the other people in my life fall in love with them too. Sometimes I share them with others at Reposed NY. This is my obsession #2.

That thing about dichotomy of life inside and outside doesn't just mean life in the city and life outside of it. It also means bringing what you see and do physically outside your home back to your inside life. All those visuals, colors, shapes, the smells, the energy, the different people and cultures - They all come home with you, even if your not aware of it. In my case, sometimes it includes a lot of chairs.

Here's my list of my current obsessions:

Chairs (always #1)

Reposed NY (always #2)

Lamps (always #3)

Pizza (always #4)




Trees (branches, leaves, in bloom, out of bloom)

Bird nests


The smell and sound of The Beach

Art and Photography


Lisa Fegley-Petti

 1966 - Some Things Never Change