The glass pedestal cake plate with a shell on top on the coffee table isn't always the best long term design idea. "Layers"

Two weeks ago, my daughter's Ipad was leaning on a glass, pedestaled cake plate that held a large shell balanced on top. It was on top of the coffee table books, on the coffee table, of course. I remember hearing the crash and burn of a 1000 pieces of glass from the next room. The shell survived. So did we. And my youngest daughter, one of my three, looked at me with those "I told you so eyes," indicating that this was not the first time her mom create a "vignette" that interfered with 2014 living.



If there is one thing I can say about my decorating style, it would be that I love to layer. I love to stack, pile, create 3 dimensional space and develop visual stopping points. I probably should have been a window designer for a large retail store. This way, I could constantly feed my need to re-create the looks and layers for people who don't have to navigate the space with their feet - just their eyes. I love the nooks and crannies of a space or a room. I like rooms that have secret spaces. I have an urgent need to take a square boxed space and make special areas within it. My eye likes to stop and linger on a collection, of whatever it is, when I am walking from one room to the next.

Some would say I make this home challenging to walk within, because the furniture and objects I own seem to be small semi-permanent vignettes that are suddenly moved without warning!! They are pretty vignettes to me but to others, they are not quite functional!  I have learned through the years that those people closest to me need to be able to watch t.v. without something jutting up in front of the screen. Or maybe they simply want to pick up a book on a table or shelf without having to remove a shell or a bowl filled with some random collection of whatever caught my eye the week before.

The word semi-permanant is a truth. These little visual creations don't last very long at home. They are changed in a blink of an eye, depending of what drops in for a visit to our home. It is a plus and a minus (no- it isn't!) to what I do for a living. It is pretty easy to take a new old-find home for a test drive….It is a constant loving, laughable battle that I am guessing they have all accepted in me. My significant other watches me sometimes from afar, probably wondering what will be where tomorrow and if the chair that sits today in one corner will be moved to the other side the next day (or if it will even be there at all the next week.)


The red chair in the this photo, for example, lived at home for a couple of weeks a few years ago. Then moved to the old store's front window and was gone in a few days. (That chair was awesome, btw. All original vintage fabric in practically unused condition and the color - oh, it was so gorgeous.) Anyway, I seem to gain a lot of pleasure in creating these vignettes. Luckily, mother nature is a passion of mine and the things most priceless in most of my vignettes, that seem to never leave my home, are the random shells, sticks, bird nests and other objects I find in my daily travels.

This bird's nest found new meaning with a few of my beach shells. And of course, it is on a cake plate, stacked on a few books near one of my favorite jade plants in a crowded pretty little corner in a place that I love.


I am forever tweaking. Sometimes the whole room gets rearranged. Sometimes the corners of the rooms are changed. It is part of the reason why Reposed NY, my vintage home decor store and gallery, receives a lot of attention from shoppers and stylists. The spaces are ever changing. The things for sale are stacked and layered. Objects meant for one purpose are suddenly becoming something else.

Visual and functional things are in a constant state of change, both inside home and out there in the world. This is the beauty of design. It is meant to be ever changing. The internet has made decorating for folks all over the world a little easier. You can click and bring home design from any walk of life, and from mother nature too. I hope Studio lane at Reposed NY becomes one way for someone to bring home large and small pieces of my curated vignettes. Be on the look out for the constant additions to the products I sell.


In the meantime, my daughters and significant other expect the small changes here. Even one of the dogs is wondering if this chair will be her long term cozy place. I'll give you a hint, that chair is never leaving my home :)




Some things never change -1966